Phil Tenteromano

About me

As a software engineer in America's largest city, I've been building web, mobile, and scripted projects for over 5 years. I've worked with a wide variety of languages and frameworks, including Rails, NodeJS, Django, and writing Native code for Mobile. There's still so much to learn and I'm always looking for the next challenge.

Downtown NYC

Currently, I work the most with Ruby, Rails, and React. As a full time professional engineer, I build applications that help small businesses grow through HR software tooling. Specifically, software that handles payroll and insurance operations. When I'm not writing code professionally, I enjoy writing code as a hobby — breaking out of my comfort zone to learn new things I wouldn't be able to leverage in my day job. Some of the things I get most excited about is building backend API's, refreshing my Python Deep Learning skills, and leveraging TypeScript to publish and maintain mobile apps with React Native.

Professional Projects

Fordham University

US Army