Phil Tenteromano


These are non-professional projects I've worked on in my sparetime. It's not all of them, just some of my favorites.

You can find my github here.

Surfoto iOS App

Surfoto is a photography marketplace that connects surfers with photographers. This mobile app is published on the iOS app store, features include viewing photos by location, browsing by location, user profiles, photo uploads, and payments by card or Apple Pay. Built with React Native.

Socket Client-Server

This is a low-level client-server application written in C++ that leverages sockets. Two programs exist that are able to talk to each other through the Operating System's port interface. By opening two terminals and starting a server and a client in each of them, you can send messages through the socket. The server records response time, packet size, throughput, and total number of packets sent.

LSTM Stock Analysis

One of my favorite fields of study, Deep Learning. During my graduate degree, I learned about Long-Short-Term-Memory nueral networks. I used my knowledge of Python, Tensorflow, and my interest in the financial markets to create an LSTM to analyze stock prices. Using Jupyter Notebook, this script generates a trained model and statistical graphics to understand the data analysis.

The Rust Book

Rust is a massively growing language that is a favorite among developers. It's low-level, has no garbage collector, and guarantees memory safety at compile time. The Rust Book is the holy grail of learning the language. This repository is a collection of all the challenges throughout the book. It's a great way to learn, develop, and continuously practice my skills with Rust.

SECuChain Blockchain

The SECuChain blockchain is a decentralized, peer-to-peer, blockchain that focuses on improving auditing in th e financial sector. It's built to be a secure, scalable, self-validating Proof-of-Work blockchain. In theory, by completing an audit on a new node, there is a proven papertrail of financial history. This was written entirely in Python3.

Wavebreak API

Wavebreak is strictly the backend API for the Surfoto Ecosystem. It act as the interface to the database, authentication, and payment system for the Surfoto Mobile and Web clients. It's a RESTful API that handles JSON only requests and responses over a secure HTTPS connection. Built as an API-only Rails App, featuring JWT authentication.

Throat Culture

Throat Culture is the Web Application for a popular podcast on pop culture. The app features a fully functioning blog, including a "WYSIWYG" text editor that enables image uploading via drag and drop. It also includes a robust Like/Dislike and comment system for users. The app was built as a full stack Ruby on Rails app.

Terminal TicTacToe

C++ was the first language I learned, and still one of my all time favorites. The flexibility, speed, and low-level nature of the language makes it so much fun to come back to in my free time. Dealing with concepts like memory manage, pointers, and garbage collection isn't always fun, but its nice to know. This project deals with all of them, and is actually a re-write of one of my first C++ projects. Its able to be ran on any terminal for any OS with a C++ compiler.

Surfoto Web

The web application for Surfoto stands as not only it's marketing site, but also a fully functioning application. It includes all of the features as it's Mobile counterpart - with the addition of Bulk Uploading photography. This feature was essential to improve the photographer experience, allowing their photos to be uploaded directly from their computer files. Built with Remix-Run, a new modern web framework built around React. Uses Cookies to securely store Wavebreak's Web Tokens.

VWC - Computer Science Teaching

VetsWhoCode is a non-profit for helping veterans transition into the tech industry. To give back, I've volunteered to teach cohorts of veterans a few times a year in the field of Computer Science. I put together this Repository of CS resources and lectures that I would then present on over Zoom. This also contains tests written in Javascript, where students would have to complete the assignment in order for the tests to pass.

Wine Review Analysis

Wine comes in so many styles, and from so many regions. I thought it would be insightful to apply some Python3 data analysis on it. This project pulls and data mines a wine review dataset from Kaggle, a data science platform. The project leverages Jupyter Notebook to conduct data analysis on wines, including visualizations, review comparisons, and statistics based on Price points.

Infix-Postfix Calculator

This is a simple calculator that converts infix expressions into postfix. For example, 5 + 3 * 2 would be converted to 5 3 2 * +. Usage is strictly from the terminal, but it handles all forms of input and gives feedback to the user on what is valid or not. This is written in C++ and contains object oriented programming, pointers, and proper memory allocation.